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We're thrilled to present our newly redesigned NHL Wood Jersey. Our team has been hard at work to create an upgraded product that delivers the excitement of NHL right into your home or office. Crafted with the same passion and precision as always - our products continue to be proudly hand made in Canada, by true hockey fans. with real maple hardwood 🍁

About Us

Apple. Google. The microbrewery from  The Drew Carey Show. Like most great things,  Wood Jerseys was born in a garage. 


Picture it in your mind - outside, a Canadian winter rages. For the first time in living memory almost nobody is out playing hockey. Too dangerous with a pandemic outside. In one anonymous garage in south Calgary, a couple of hockey fans are hanging up sheets of plastic to separate the paint department from the CNC wood cutting department and the product development lab. All of these departments share 250 square feet of unheated floorspace. Heat is for wussies. Wood Jerseys was born on the ice. 


After humans invented fire, they started stacking wood to burn. From there it’s just a hop and skip to the log cabin and our jerseys. We use space-age, three-dimensional techniques to give our jerseys depth and texture. Our iconic silhouette is ideal for any wall and lends itself to hanging two, or even three  Wood Jerseys beside each other to represent all your loyalties (hint hint). 

With official NHL paint colours and a holographic lisence each jersey is made by hand with the assistance of, and I cannot stress this enough, a laser. Lasers are extremely cool. 


So don’t delay, order your very own  Wood Jersey today and make your wall at least 20% cooler. Maybe 30%, depending on how cool your wall is currently.